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Three airports. One journey to a sustainable future.

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Three airports. One journey to a sustainable future.

AGS Airports Limited was established in 2014, however, our airports have been serving their respective communities for decades.

At AGS, we are acutely aware that operating such important pieces of infrastructure comes with responsibilities to our people, to our communities, and to the environment.

Towards net zero

We have already made significant progress in addressing our environmental impacts. In 2020, each of our airports achieved carbon neutrality status for the emissions under our direct control (Scopes 1 and 2) and we aim to achieve net zero carbon for our direct emissions by the mid-2030s. This is an important first step, however, we recognise our airports have a wider impact over and above our direct emissions. That is why we are committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions (Scopes 1 to 3) by 2045.

As a result of these actions, and our Carbon Management Plan, we have achieved Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 2. We plan to continue this process and will apply for Level 3+ in 2022.

In addition, AGS is a signatory to Sustainable Aviation’s decarbonisation roadmap which is the first national net zero aviation commitment anywhere in the world.  We have also joined airports across Europe in signing ACI Europe’s NetZero 2050 pledge; a commitment to achieving net zero emissions for the carbon under our control by 2050.

These are positive and important first steps towards decarbonising our operations, however, we recognise there is more work to do.

Towards a sustainable future

In order to embed sustainability at the core of AGS, we will set ambitious targets across all areas of our business to ensure we balance the clear economic and social benefits of aviation with our climate change responsibilities.

Above all else, we will set out how we will grow in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

To achieve this, we must:

- Address our environmental impacts;
- Better understand our economic impacts; and
- Widen the social benefits we can deliver.

Our efforts in working towards a more sustainable future for aviation have been recognised by the leading global sustainability organisation Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) which in 2020 named AGS as sector leader in sustainability.

Our approach

Our sustainability strategy will be anchored in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which are defined as:

“A blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.”

The Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are interdependent and based on the three pillars of sustainable development:

• Social progress;
• Economic growth; and
• Environmental protection.

As we emerge from the current crisis, we will refine our sustainability strategy setting out how we will work with stakeholders, employees and local communities to ‘Build Back Better’ and achieve our target of net zero (Scopes 1 to 3) by 2045.

The commitments within our sustainability strategy will relate to:


Climate change, local air quality, material resources, water, biodiversity


Noise and quality of life for local communities, employee experience


Economic development and employability, sustainable supply chain


We welcome your feedback and suggestions on our sustainability performance.

Please contact us using the link below: